If the thought of packing all your belongings fills you with dread, or you simply prefer an experienced hand to ensure your more fragile goods are taken care of, we are here to help.

Our team of trained and experienced packers can handle anything from the smaller valuable household items, through to a full household pack.  Ensuring that your valued possessions reach their destination safe from damage.

We are able to supply a full range of packing materials for you should you wish to undertake the process yourselves.

If your move is into store, your goods will be packed carefully into storage containers, but you will need to ensure your boxed contents are securely packed.  We can advise you on this, and discuss options for packing at our survey visit.

Packing boxes £1.50

(book/china boxes measure 16x 16 x 16 inches)

Larger general packing boxes 16 x 23 16 inches

Bubble wrap (per roll) £33.00

Acid free packing paper £20.00

Tape roll £2.00